How To Plan Your Custom Tattoo Design!

You’re ready to get a tattoo (or another tattoo) and you want a custom tattoo design this time around. Read on to plan your custom tattoo design as well as some tips for getting the best tattoo in India. 

Creating a custom tattoo design

If you’re planning your first custom tattoo design there’s a number of things to consider. Don’t worry though, we’re gonna carry you through this and see to it that you’re taken care of. A custom tattoo can be a beautiful thing — a real work of art. Or, it can be a hot mess. It’s all in the planning and that’s what we’re going to help you do. We’re gonna help you plan this piece start to finish. We’re gonna talk about how to pick the style and subject of your piece, as well as how to talk to your artists about what you want. Let’s jump into this.

Choosing a custom tattoo design subject

What do you want your tattoo to be of? What will it depict? Choosing the subject of your custom tattoo design is the first step in planning you custom piece. It should be about something that matters to you. A person, pet, hobby, a life event, or something you just really love like a character from a movie or religious gods like Lord Shiva or Lord Ganesh. Your subject doesn’t have to take into consideration your vision for your tattoo’s final appearance. For example, if your chosen subject is a hindu god, it doesn’t have to look like what the general public associates with Lord Shiva. We’re going to take care of that in the next step.

Finding a tattoo style

When planning your custom tattoo design, it’s a good idea to know what style you’d like. Tattoo styles are each influenced by the culture from which they come. There’s a lot of tattoo styles out there and some may be better suited to your purpose than others. Here are just a few of the tattoo styles that are widely used that you could consider for your custom tattoo design:

  • Realistic
  • New School
  • Traditional Japanese
  • Watercolour 
  • Neo Traditional
  • Dotism & Geometry
  • Minimalistic
  • Tribal
  • Celtic
  • Indian Traditional (Mehendi, Ornamental, Religious)

Choosing a tattoo artist

At this stage you’re going to need to find an artist to do the work. When considering a tattoo artist in Mumbai, look for an artist who specialises in the style you had in mind. You can find this out by asking the artist up front, but you can usually tell by checking out their portfolio of previous work. Plan on taking the time to sit down with your artist to discuss how you’d like to combine your tattoo subject and your chosen style. A good artist will tell you ahead of time their concerns with your piece (if they have any) and they should walk through the design with you to get a good understanding of what you want from your custom tattoo design.


Being prepared helps! Spend some time looking online or at the library. The more you have with you to describe what you are imagining, the better. We usually recommend not only looking at tattoos but at photographs of the subject matter. For example, if you are looking to get a travel related tattoo you could bring: photos of adventure tattoos you like and photographs of places you like to visit, bikes, cars, pictures of horizons, mountains and vice versa. It helps to better understand what it is you like and create a unique design for you.

Our resident tattoo artists are known to create custom tattoo design on a daily basis. Here are some of the tattoos they are well known for.

  • Eric Jason D'souza  (Realism And Freestyle) 

Eric has been tattooing for close to 10 years and has developed skills to tattoo anything realistic or freestyle. Be it a portrait of a loved one or even photographs from the internet, Eric knows exactly how to compose a beautiful tattoo based on your idea.   


  • Aadesh Gaichor (Watercolour & Abstract)

Aadesh has come a long way from tattooing watercolour tattoos and improvising the style since. His constant fluidity of lines around the subject is a signature style and gives an abstract feel to the entire design, genius!


  • Jayesh jambhale (Indian|NEO-traditional & New-skool)

Jayesh has shown great improvement and love for tattooing neo- traditional styles and loves to tattoo anything geometric,  dotwork or ornamental styles as well. 


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