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Best Tattoo Artist Eric Jason D'souza

Credited as having developed a range of bespoke tattoo techniques from the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, Eric Jason D'souza is India's first International Award winning Tattoo Artist. Travelling India pursuing his passion for tattoo art, Eric has eclectic experience across a variety of artistic mediums such as drawing, painting and tattooing. Co-Founding the best tattoo parlour in Mumbai, Iron Buzz Tattoos in Mumbai in 2013, his was the first studio in the country to only offer custom tattoo art. 

Eric's artwork and philosophy have been featured on most national news network and international industry publications like Mumbai Mirror, DNA India, Mid-day, GQ India and has also been in various TV Commercials and music videos.

When he looks at everything it took to get to that point he realizes he wouldn’t be where he is now without the dedicated support of his family and his partner Aishin, “Everything I have done was only possible because of their help.”

Eric is currently based in Mumbai. The best city in India

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My interest in tattooing began in college at the age of 17 upon seeing a tattoo in person for the first time. Some years later, while studying Bachelors of Commerce from St. Andrews college, Bandra, I realised that it wasn't for me and decided to dedicate my life to the art of tattooing.

Although I did receive a Diploma in Air travel & Tourism while nurturing my growing talent and building experience in the world of tattooing, I could not see myself being confined by the structured and rigid confines of demanding college and corporate protocol.

I completely enjoy the art of tattooing and especially the freedom of expression that it brings. I feel that life is too precious to be wasting in a career that does not bring me personal satisfaction nor lets me be who I want to be .

I have been tattooing just shy of 10 years and though I'm a versatile tattoo artist, I have showcased my talent for tattooing realism in black and grey, sometimes with a hint of colour at numerous tattoo conventions and guest spots from Nepal all the way down to the bottom of India.

My partner in crime and love, Aishin and I founded Iron Buzz Tattoos in Mumbai in the Year 2013 and we are only growing strong each day.