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About the Best Tattoo Studio in Mumbai

Iron Buzz Tattoos is a custom Tattoo studio in Mumbai that is committed to giving you the best experience possible. As any other business, our reputation and providing the highest quality of service means the world to us. We work tirelessly to ensure that anyone who chooses us leaves with something they truly love.

The studio is owned and operated by 12 time International award winning tattoo artist Eric Jason D'souza and Aishin Diana Chang who collaborate more than 20 years in the Indian tattoo industry. The entire team at Iron Buzz are constantly evolving within in the industry by learning new methods, ideologies, and appreciating the artwork that others do. This is why we’re often listed as one of the top rated tattoo studios in Mumbai or India. 


 Co-Owner/ Manager

Co-Owner/ Manager


 Co-Owner/ Sr. Tattoo Artist   VIEW PORTFOLIO

Co-Owner/ Sr. Tattoo Artist VIEW PORTFOLIO


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 Tattoo Artist   VIEW PORTFOLIO



Our true colours, shining through.


Our studio is an extension of who we are. Quite often, we have been told that we have one of the cleanest and most hygienic tattoo studios in India. Our work ethic and integrity have been ingrained here, as we often spend more time here than our own homes.

We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for ourselves and clients. Each tattoo artist at Iron Buzz Tattoos has their own work station to ensure comfort. We keep our shop immaculate and take pride in maintaining a safe and sanitary environment.

We are located on the first floor with easy and free parking. If you've only seen our artwork and work area online, we encourage you to stop by and look through our portfolio and work stations.

Iron Buzz Tattoo Studio in Mumbai, India


We specialise in many styles of tattooing such as Realism aka 3D Tattoo, Oriental, Maori, Traditional, Watercolour tattoos and even free flowing scripts while keeping traditional roots. We are always looking to break boundaries to provide you with a truly unique piece of art. We prefer working with our clients and collaborate on new ideas, or adding to existing ones, to achieve a finished product that leaves everyone satisfied. As tattoo artists, our greatest reward is to leave you feeling proud with your new tattoo. We want your experience to be as great as ink on your body.

Guest artists also stop by all of the time. If you have a favourite out there, be sure to keep checking our website or Facebook to see their work and when they will be attending our location.


We create communities, both inside and outside the walls of our studio. It takes a village to make so much awesome happen. A strong and authentic sense of community enables people to feel connected in a real way, and creates a safe place for ideas and creativity to flourish. When you work with us, you join the extended Iron Buzz community where respect, communication, and collaboration are baked right into the culture.

Iron Buzz Community in India


We want to produce head-turning tattoos you can brag about (and world peace, we’re working on that too). But we don’t just want to make beautiful things—we want to make beautiful things that leave a mark. That’s why we’ve designed our pricing and quality to accomplish very specific goals—maximising the long-term impact your tattoo will have.


This is a talented bunch, we simply do not have the wall or fridge space to display every qualification. Together, we’ve built over 10,000 tattoos & designs and made room on the shelf for 20 international industry awards for our tattoo work. We don’t put our name on anything less than awesome. You see, we’re birds of a feather. You’re serious about your idea, and we’re serious about our craft.


We are proud of our reviews and encourage all of our clients to leave their own review. You can check some of them out on our Reviews page.

If you have questions regarding any of these, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always striving to improve ourselves and your input is important to us.


We want you to feel like one of us.
It’s a classic win-win!

Our team approach lets you sit at the table with us while we take the stress of running a tattoo design project completely off your plate. We promise that you’ll feel the love, and see the difference creative collaboration makes. We were born ready to buzz up, heck, it’s in our name.


The beginning of a beautiful friendship...