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At Iron Buzz, we aim to give amazing people the opportunity to become amazing professionals.  In return, we're looking for candidates who are just as passionate about our mission to serve our customers.  

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Studio Manager

You will work with the Social Media and Marketing team on execution of daily content, manage user / customer response online & studio / work in building fun strategies & campaigns, research new platforms and generate reports for the same. Applicant must have a strong command over the English language with exceptional writing & organisational skills and a sense of humour. Design & Web skills will be a bonus. Applicants who are enthusiastic about the Tattoo business will have an upper hand.

Video Editor + Internship

Edit/ Shoot short format Promotional Videos / Event Roundup videos / Tattoo Videos, etc

Knowledge of Editing softwares is a must and Animation / VFX / 2D Motion Graphics / Photography / Videography skills will be a bonus. Candidate will need to be flexible on time.

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