Watch India's First Award Winning Tattoo Artist Bring A Car To Life Using the Tilt Brush And It’s Magical!

Car designs are often discussed, but how frequently are they seen as art? Not much.

Well, Skoda is changing that perception with its Design Project! The all new Skoda Rapid is a style statement – it makes heads turn around when it drives past. As much as being a comfortable ride, it has a state of the art technology! But one feature that differentiates the sedan from every other car available is its futuristic crystalline design, an extension of its Czech heritage.

From rich, colourful graphic paintings of its crystalline design to a metal artwork of the signature grille, the all new Skoda Rapid doesn’t cease to stimulate artists’ creativity.

And this time, the exceptionally-designed car has awed Eric Jason D’Souza, India’s first International Award Winning Tattoo artist. The eccentric design of Škoda enthused Eric to exemplify the New Rapid using the innovative Tilt Brush technology.

As Eric began to weave his magic, we see the marvel unfold into a design masterpiece! An amalgamation of art and science done so beautifully, it’ll leave your jaws wide open in awe of what inspiration can do to someone. Eric quite literally gives new dimensions to his imagination and the outcome is simply spectacular.

This car is a sensation.

While it is unconventional for artists to find their muse in a car, Rapid oozes inspiration that has led four artists from different art forms and backgrounds to do something so historic that it left everyone thunderstruck. Following Skoda’s belief that designing a car is an art, Eric created a contemporary visual art rendition of it using the Google Tilt Brush and the rest is history.

Never heard of Tilt Brush? Let us explain.

When Google unveiled Tilt Brush earlier this year, it gave artists a chance to put down their brushes and step into the exciting world of virtual reality.

Users can paint life-sized, 3D pictures of anything and everything – even drawings of fire, snow and stars. All you need is the app and a connected HTC Vive headset to swipe away the digital brush and create your favourite things. That’s exactly what Eric has done.

What else? Everyone is going crazy about it! Check out how Eric has used it to create a visually stunning rendition of the all new Skoda Rapid.