Why has there been such a rise in the price of tattooing????

Over the last few years the cost of a good tattoo has risen, a lot!!

To help you guys understand why and so you don’t think we are just being greedy here’s the lowdown.

Years ago tattoos were largely chosen from tattoo flash books, tattoo magazines, essentially designs on a wall created by the tattoo artist once and done over and over again, So effectively you would see many people with the same tattoo. Remember that sacred heart with flames tattoo most of them shippie uncles had on their forearm? 

As we have evolved we crave to be different and individual, this has led to people wanting an original tattoo design.

I personally give up two days per week to research, design and prepare stencils ‘unpaid’ but it is essential for best results.

Also tattooing has now evolved as an art with some artists creating tattoos close to works from such artists as Michaelangelo and Da Vinci.

Tattoo designs can now take hours of researching, meticulous stencil preparation and much much more time in shading tones, blends, contrasts and colours.

The boom within the industry led to huge production in better quality needles, inks and a large range of hygiene products now essential for maximum safety.

Nowadays the studio has also evolved with managers and other necessary staff to provide regular drinks and deal with paperwork and bookings and a lot more,

Which all comes at an added cost.

The structure for pricing a tattoo is however very outdated, tattoos are still priced on per inch basis or by the piece. 

This does not take into consideration all of the above.

Tattooing is also not back street or underground so much anymore so now we also have the joy of paying lots of lovely tax!

BUT!! The change in this fast growing industry has led to truly amazing artwork which can now be seen as something of value and wealth, something worth saving for and given the same worth as art which you would hang on a wall.

We hope you embrace this boom and realise it brings only better standards, higher levels of hygiene and safety and ultimately an all round better experience.

Team Iron Buzz (www.ironbuzztattoos.com/contact)