VIDEO: V6 Engine built out of LEGO parts? This is a MUST WATCH!

LEGO toys have always been a part of most of our childhood. Defying physics and buildings cars that would not only stay on the ground but fly into imaginary worlds, Insanely difficult to read human figures, and sometimes temporary service stations for hot wheel cars or castles as high as it could get. Yup, brings back memories doesn't it?

I recently stumbled onto the whole art factor of these toys and how some amazing humans have the ability to understand shape, dimension and capabilities of LEGO parts and shown us creativity from the completely different angle. 


One such artist is Nathan Sawaya who ditched a promising legal career to make Art. His Lego sculptures have delighted thousands of adults and children around the world. Check his mind boggling work below.


I hope you like what 'The Brick Artist' creates with Lego but what you're about to see is game changing.

"You're kidding me right?" were my first words when I saw the video of a fully functional V6 engine made of LEGO bricks and pneumatic pistons running at a max speed of 800 rpm!

 DrDudeNL , a Dutch builder, has been building these mean machines for a while now. Ranging from a W6 engine to a 7 segment display or a pneumatic flat 6 Boxer engine, he's done it all. DrDude creates machines that not only look pleasing to the eye but also better the performance of these cute looking beasts. 

We aren't going to waste more of your time here, check out the jaw-dropping video for yourself. Enjoy!