TATTOO COVER UP ADVICE | What to do if you have some bad ink?

Hey guys! Today we are going to talk about tattoo cover ups. How was your first experience with tattoos? Do you like your tattoo? Have any of you guys tried to remove some old tattoos? 

Many people changes their minds after getting a tattoo. People change their minds about tattoos all the time. A change in taste, a change in relationship, a hasty trip to an untalented artist - all of these are examples of reasons people no longer want their tattoo.

If you find yourself with a tattoo you now regret and no longer want to have, getting a cover up may be the perfect solution. For financial reason, many individuals cannot afford the high cost of laser tattoo removal or other costly options. If you desire to get additional tattoos and had planned on getting more ink in the same area as the unwanted tattoo, you should consider a cover up.

There are basically two types of tattoo cover ups. One type is basically reworking a badly done tattoo. The artist takes the existing design and embellishes it with better lines and color work and turns an ugly and poorly done tattoo into an attractive one. The other type of cover up essentially eradicates the old design by completely disguising and covering it up with a brand new design.

However, here is a short guide to you:

Decide What Design You Want
There are some limitations as to the design option you could choose. For example, if you are trying to cover a tattoo that has a lot of black ink, you will be limited to choosing a design with dark colors. The cover up is usually much larger than the original tattoo. You have to follow the advice of the artist as they know what will work to meet your goal. Each tattoo must be evaluated individually. The one drawback to a cover up is that you are limited to your choices. Some artists are able to take a design or idea you may have and improvise and produce a custom design to accomplish a cover up.

Determine The Size
Work with your tattoo artist on the design. Wisely choose the size of the new design. The new tattoo will always be bigger than old one. Otherwise the corners would be sticking out or you would end up with black square.

Find Suitable Color
Tattoo colors are not limited to black or grey. Other colors can be used as well. Thus, when looking for your design, do not just consider the actual image. Do not be satisfied to look at the design's image only, but look closely at how the tattoo colors have shown when made on the skin. If you want a more serious impression about your tattoo, the black and grey ink tattoos will suit you. However, more colorful designs on skin portray a rather light and more vibrant personality of the one wearing the design.

The colors that work best as a cover up are blues and browns, not reds, oranges or yellows... The best solution is the black ink.

Find a Pro Artist With Experience With Tattoo Cover Ups
Choose what you want to get and find a person who is good at covering up tattoos. They will be honest with you and tell you what works and what doesn't. If there are no cover ups in the artist's portfolio it is better to find somebody else who does have pictures of successful work rather than being a canvas for experiments. Remember, your ideas may not work so be open for suggestions. The most important thing here is to get the mess sorted and replaced with something that you will enjoy. Do not think that you old tattoo can be covered with anything just as long as it is covered! It has got to be something that you like. 

In some cases tattoos can not be covered and laser treatment is the only option. It is well worth to go for a few sessions and make your tattoo fade until it can be covered with anew one. In the end you will be happy with the result!