REALISM Tattoo Seminar 2016 by Eric Jason D'souza

We are giving you vital information to assist you in an unpredictable future. Our beloved Indian tattoo industry is evolving faster than ever, and you need to stay up to date with best practices and changes that are coming!

This educational seminar developed by Eric Jason D'souza is an opportunity to attain a more complete understanding of advanced tattooing techniques from an industry leading artist. Delve into the secrets of the effective use of backgrounds, compositional strategies, the importance of textures and how they can enhance the overall quality of a piece; as well as the importance of contrast and the use of a proper stencil. While geared towards black and grey artists, this seminar can enhance the techniques of a variety of artists. Any black and grey and colour artist can learn tips and tricks that will improve their technique.

This seminar is an open forum based which allows artists to gain more understanding about what techniques Eric uses when he tattoos and presentation of your work and how presenting yourself in a professional way can change your business.

Contact the following numbers to reserve your seat. (Limited seats left)

Surat Seminar: +91 9904729997

Ahmedabad Seminar: +91 8140662591

this seminar/workshop is open to ALL levels, from beginners to advanced. All are welcome.