Best Lord Shiva / Mahadev Tattoos done at Iron Buzz Tattoos

Best Shiva Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been among the perfect expressions in the world. You will hardly have any better way to

convey your messages to whomever you meet. More than messages, tattoos showcase your personality.

As far as tattoos with spiritual significances are considered, Lord Shiva Tattoo has been the most

admired choice.

Lord Shiva is known to be the Supreme Being, transformer and destroyer too. He patronizes the most

sophisticate masculine traits. He is also fearsome and benevolent. He is both bad and good in their

extreme forms. Shiva tattoos are always influential and alluring. He is the most unique among Hindu

deities and highly inspirational.

Shiva is often shown with three faces signifying the three different roles he plays as the creator, the

destroyer and the preserver. Shiva in other words is the universe. Because of these meanings, the tattoo

is preferred and admired not only by Hindus but also by people from other distinct religious


Shiva tattoos on your body would therefore breathe similar vibes. You may either get inked with his

complete portrait, featuring him with his third eye opened; trishula, his famed weapon, bringing in

destruction and havoc for evil elements. Like the different forms of Shiva, there are several different

ways you can get him tattooed.

If you are not looking for the large ones, go on for other elements that represent his power. Consider

the trishul, the snake, the bull or combine a few of them to showcase a story. You may also choose to

tattoo some of his popular scripts.

Best Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs

You can get highly creative with tattoos to make them appropriate for the expression of your thoughts

or vibes. Here are some of the most preferable Shiva tattoo designs you may get inked:

1. Mortal Journey Lord Shiva Tattoo

Tattoos featuring the Aghori, the ascetic disciple of Lord Shiva are known to be highly preferred. The self

restrained Shaiva Sadhu represents the attainment of enlightenment and moving across vulnerabilities

to acquire it. You may also include other elements relating to Shiva to create different story and signify a

different facet.


2. Angry Shiva Tattoo

Known as the destructor, Lord Shiva possesses boundless rage and strength, with the capability to

destroy everything at once. An angry Shiva tattoo would signify the destruction of evil from your life.

This tattoo symbolizes energy at its extreme levels.

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3. The Trishul and Third Eye

Trishul is the famed weapon of the Supreme Lord Shiva and signifies the end and punishment for the

evil. The three points of the trishul are equally important elements of it. The opened third eye on the

other hand is the symbol of activated kundalini, the controller and powerful element of existence.

Opened third eye for Lord Shiva signifies the peak of rage and end of tolerance towards the bad.


4. Lord Shiva Angry Trishul

Carried and controlled by the superior Lord Shiva, the Trishul possesses divine capabilities to conquer

anything it’s pointed at. The three-pronged weapon several different elements. First the three deities:

Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). And secondly the three powers of Shakti (the feminine): will,

wisdom and action. It also symbolizes past, present and future on the same page.


5. Meditating Shiva Tattoo

Meditating Shiva is the most peaceful existence of the supreme existence. It symbolizes concentration

and other worldly solace. You can get the meditating Shiva tattoo in several different forms and sizes

depending on the fact that you want a complete portrait or just the face sketched up.


6. Lord Shiva Buddha Tattoo

This tattoo is an awe-inspiring creation. Shiva and Buddha are two most important figures of intellect

and enlightenment. They are both known well as the epitome of peace. Shiva and Buddha together

represent some of the most important elements that are needed to lead life to better horizons. This

tattoo is an amazing choice both for its appearance and its meanings.


7. Lord Shiva in trance

This tattoo depicts the jovial form of Lord Shiva, the creator. This tattoo symbolizes life and protection

for different living elements in the world, humanity and good. It brings positive and happy positive vibes

and eternal peace. Unlike the angry and aggressive state, this one would portray a highly calm



8. Lord Shiva Tattoo with Trishul and Snake

The trishul and the Serpent have been considered as important sacred marks of Shaivism in the Hindu

Mythology. The trishul signifies peace and positivity in the universe, putting an end to evil entities. The

serpent signifies that death and fear can be defeated by a mere mortal too. Also, the Conch represents

destruction, purification and rejuvenation. Along with their individual significances, this tattoo is an even

greater symbol of love, desire and will.


9. Lord Shiva with Tiger Tattoo

This tattoo portrays Lord Shiva with tiger, his animal spirit. He is often known to be sitting on tiger skin.

This tattoo depicts that he dominates and has tamed all the beasts and the entire animal kingdom. Tiger

is certainly the strongest among all of them. This strengthened animal spirit along with the mystery of

Shiva tattoo would showcase some great meanings.


10. Lord Shiva Side Face Tattoo

Apart from being the creator, the divine elegance of Lord Shiva sets him different and above other Gods

in the Hindu Mythology. He is known to be the carrier of divine aura, charm and positive vibes. These

traits of Shiva are praised by all devotees of enlightenment and love. This tattoo signifies the similar

other worldly charm that beholds peace for the viewer.

 Iron Buzz Tattoos, andheri, mumbai;
 Iron Buzz Tattoos, andheri, mumbai;

11. Aggressive Shiva Tattoo

This tattoo portrays the fierce and aggressive form of Lord Shiva. His anger holds the extreme

capabilities to destroy anything and everything. He is known equally well for his destructive rage like the

kind and calm approach he follows. It is the state when his third eye opens, making him unstoppable.


12. Popular scripts

There are various popular scripts that represent and recite the extreme power and superiority of Shiva.

“Om Namah Shivaya” is one of the most popular among them. Also, the “Mahamrityunjaya” is

preferably inked by tattoo lovers. Apart from only scripts, you can include some other relevant elements

in the tattoo to make it occupied and more interesting.


13. Mahadev name tattoo

If not a portrait, you can also get some names tattooed. ‘Mahadev’ tattoo has been highly preferable in

that case. Shiva tattoos in all forms signify inner consciousness, diversity, strength and harmony. Get

Mahadev tattooed on your skin to keep reminding yourself of the glory and happening nature of this

name and the character that is known by it.

Lord Shiva tattoos or any other religious tattoos are perhaps clicking the minds of Indian tattoo lovers

most frequently. These tattoos could be available in different genres, sizes and forms fulfilling your

desires for tattoos and body art.

Spiritual or religious tattoos have been consistent in the trend since far long. Shiva tattoos are note just

limited to men but are equally preferable among women. These could represent some of the most

beautiful existences and facts that prevail in the universe. Apart from that, these tattoos have the

immense power to let you connect with the extreme spiritual self, determining some of the best values

of life.

 Iron Buzz Tattoos, andheri, mumbai;
 Iron Buzz Tattoos, andheri, mumbai;
 Iron Buzz Tattoos, andheri, mumbai;
 Iron Buzz Tattoos, andheri, mumbai;

14. Shiva Tandav Tattoos

Shiva is known for his excellence in dancing. Shiva Tandav Tattoo signifies his expression of anger and

aggression. Shiv tandav tattoo is certainly one of the best choices that would portray the most divine

forms of Lord Shiva. There could be no more beautiful ways of expression of anger than this.